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The way my house is built my wife’s home office is on the opposite wall from my surround sound system so watching TV while she’s working was a no-go. Ekho introduced me to Dynabox and they work great!! Now I can watch movies and she can take meetings! Thanks, Ekho!

Tom Dunn

Gabe with Ekho was fantastic to work with. Gabe is extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic about all things Home Theater and his dedication to being an expert in the field results in a finished product even the most discerning individual would appreciate. The best part for us was how we simply painted a picture of what we wanted and Gabe created a perfect solution while bringing explanations, education and instructions to a level our family could understand and employ! Definitely gets our recommendation to everyone we know.”

We recently built a home theatre in our basement and used Gabe Hernandez and his Ekho Home Theater Group. Gabe was fantastic to work with and we highly recommend him! His energy, knowledge and passion were evident from the moment we met him. He was far more knowledgeable than any other company.

Rachel Robinson

Ryan Davis

I really can't say enough amazing things about Gabe and "Ekho Home Theater Group".  Gabe came to my house, showed him the room we would be dealing with. He was so excited, he came up with a design, and gave me a list of what he could do to accomplish my dream of an actual theater.  Gabe and his entire company were awesome, they did everything he said they were going to do and more.  

Just last week we went to see Oppenheimer at the IMAX with Laser. I can honestly say the sound was not any better than what Gabe gave me. And the screen although bigger was not better our screen.

I highly recommend Gabe and EHTG, everyone that has seen our theater comment that they have never seen a home theater like the one Gabe created for us!!

Terry R.

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